SANTA CLARITA – Statement from Assemblywoman-Elect Suzette Valladares regarding the Governor’s recent announcement of a secondary business and school lockdown.”Californians have done an amazing job responding to this pandemic and protecting its most vulnerable residents. The Governor and public health officials have repeatedly cited family gatherings as one of the main causes of the increase in COVID-19 cases. Despite these statements, the Governor continues to punish workers and small business owners without providing any real contact-tracing data that would demonstrate how these openings have affected COVID rates and the increase in cases. Considering the rhetoric, it does not seem that these punitive measures are guided by science or data.

“I join with small business owners, workers, and parents in the 38th District, and organizations representing businesses and workers across our state, asking for the Governor to release the data that would support this new shutdown. The Governor has repeatedly said that we must be guided by the science and data. I agree, and we need full transparency from our state’s Executive Branch regarding that data.

“Businesses, theme parks in particular, have been shuttered since late March. The mandated closing of Six Flags in my district has had a tremendous impact on our local economy and community. These theme parks have repeatedly requested the data used to determine why, with a responsible opening, complying with strict safety guidelines, they continue to be forced to stay closed. They have not received a response.

“We need to do everything we can to support our workers and small businesses, many of whom have gone above and beyond to protect their workers and customers. I will continue to advocate for jumpstarting our economy and small businesses safely and responsibly as we continue to protect the most vulnerable.”