Buckle Up, California! Newsom and his buddies just gave you a new gas tax increase today. 

Santa Clarita, CA – Buckle up, California! Today marks another whopping increase to our gas taxes, where you are paying a national high 60-cent per gallon, courtesy of Governor Gavin Newsom and the anti-consumer policies backed by my opponent, lawyer Kipp Mueller. Already burdened with the highest gas tax in the nation, California families are being squeezed even harder, with this increase driving up the cost of living and everything transported by trucks and vehicles.

“I’m all about tax cuts because Californians are stretched too thin across the board. I co-authored a bill to suspend the gas tax, but the Sacramento political elites led by Gavin Newsom and supported by my opponents would rather hit California’s families and workers where it hurts. And our roads? No better, probably worse since Newsom took office,” declared Suzette Valladares, candidate for the 23rd State Senate District. 

“People deserve to pay less. Maybe costs don’t matter to single, wealthy lawyers like my opponent, but for the hardworking families and individuals in Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley, and Victorville, every dollar counts. As a mom running a small business, I feel this struggle every single day,” Valladares added.

Stand with Suzette Valladares as she champions lower taxes and fights for the financial relief that California families desperately need. Join the movement to demand better for our roads and our wallets!