Local Leaders

Jay Obernolte, Member of Congress

Scott Wilk, State Senator

Tom Lackey, Assemblymember

Steve Knight, Member of Congress (ret.)

Thurston Smith, Former Assemblymember

Paula Boland, Former Assemblywoman

Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles County Supervisor

Mike Antonovich, Former LA County Supervisor 

Paul Cook, San Bernardino County Supervisor

Hon. Steve Cooley, Former Los Angeles County District Attorney (2000-2012)

Dennis Zine, Retired Councilmember – City of Los Angeles

Austin Bishop, Councilmember – City of Palmdale

Richard Loa, Councilmember – City of Palmdale

Jason Gibbs, Mayor – City of Santa Clarita

Cameron Smyth, Mayor pro Tem – City of Santa Clarita

Marsha McLean, Councilmember – City of Santa Clarita

Bill Miranda, Councilmember – City of Santa Clarita

Laurene Weste, Councilmember – City of Santa Clarita

Gabriel Reyes, Councilmember – City of Adelanto

Amanda Uptergrove, Councilmember – City of Adelanto

Debra Jones, Mayor – City of Victorville

Bob Harriman, Councilmember – City of Victorville

Rex Parris, Mayor – City of Lancaster

Marvin Crist, Vice Mayor – City of Lancaster

Raj Malhi, Councilmember – City of Lancaster

Ken Mann, Councilmember – City of Lancaster

Lauren Hughes-Leslie, Councilmember – City of Lancaster

Scott Nassif, Mayor – Town of Apple Valley

Allison Lee, Councilmember – City of Hesperia

Rebecca Swanson, Councilmember – City of Hesperia

Gary Martin, President of SCV Water

Bill Cooper, Director of SCV Water

Anna Griese, Area 2 Trustee – Saugus Union School District Governing Board 

Matthew Watson, Area 4 Trustee – Saugus Union School District Governing Board

Charles Hughes, President – Antelope Valley Union High School District

Joe Messina, Governor Board Member Trustee Area 5 – William S. Hart High School District

Rosemary Mann, Area 4 Trustee – Lancaster School District

Frank Visco, Former CAGOP Chairman and Antelope Valley business Leader

Larry Stearn

Todd and Karen Stevens

Daren and Kate Tsukashima

Dave Stefko

Calvin Hedman

Susan and Howard Groff

Dave Owens

Kimberly and Dan Huffman

Bruce Macpherson

Ron & Yvette Emard


State Elected Officials

Brian Jones, Senate Minority Leader

James Gallagher, Assembly Minority Leader

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh, State Senator

Brian Dahle, State Senator

Shannon Grove, State Senator

Kelly Seyarto, State Senator

Juan Alanis, Assemblymember

Phil Chen, Assemblymember

Diane Dixon, Assemblymember

Bill Essayli, Assemblymember

Laurie Davies, Assemblymember

Megan Dahle, Assemblymember

Heath Flora, Assemblymember

Vince Fong, Assemblymember

Josh Hoover, Assemblymember

Devon Mathis, Assemblymember

Joe Patterson, Assemblymember

Kate Sanchez, Assemblymember

Marie Waldron, Assemblymember


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