I’m running for U.S. Congress to protect our shared values.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Suzette’s parents instilled in her the conservative values of giving back to the community and helping those in need.

Reforming Immigration

As a Hispanic-American, Suzette Valladares knows that immigrants built this country and bring value to the American workforce. Suzette believes we need to fix our broken immigration system and work on a 21st Century pathway to citizenship. That starts with protecting and securing our Southern Border. Suzette also has seen close family members battle with addiction from drugs that have flowed over an porous border. Border security should be a bi-partisan issue – and in Congress – Suzette will work to ensure our families are protected while finding a common sense pathway to citizenship

Improving Healthcare

Suzette Valladares has passion for healthcare and spent years advocating for affordable care for families. This devotion stems from having a niece who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at the age of three. From this experience, Suzette was inspired to serve as the Executive Director of the Southern California Chapter of Autism Speaks. In this role, she manages a board of directors, field team, and helped raised millions of dollars to improve the lives of children and adults. Suzette has seen first-hand how early intervention and access to proper care improves the quality of life for families. Suzette firmly believes that healthcare should be controlled by individuals and families, not government bureaucrats. In Congress, Suzette will advocate for insurance companies to sell policies across state lines, push investing and incentivizing private-public collaborative efforts to find cures, and will make affordable healthcare a priority.

Lowering Taxes and Cutting Spending

As a small business owner, Suzette understands what it takes to run a small business and a family at the same time. Suzette knows what means to balance the books, meet a payroll, and create jobs. Running a business in California is difficult enough without government bureaucrats continuing to push unnecessary red tape. This is the one of the reasons Suzette supports President Trump’s continued effort to slash burdensome regulations. Suzette knows that excess regulations will hinder economic growth and innovation. Government fees, regulation and taxes are a small business’s worst enemy. In Congress, Suzette will fight for a government that supports small business, not one that punishes innovation and job growth.

Preserving the Second Amendment

Suzette own guns for both sport and protection. The Second Amendment was put in the Constitution so that every law-abiding citizen is assured of the right to bear arms. Suzette support background checks and regulating ownership for those with mental health disorders. Suzette also believes that California should stop regulating ammunition purchases. In Congress, Suzette will push for gun owner rights, while working to to ensure common sense gun laws are in place.

Bettering Education

Suzette’s background is primarily in early childhood education and has helped bring in funding for early education to Los Angeles County. She supports block grants that will address the growing needs of access to early childhood education. Suzette is a huge advocate creating opportunities for greater access to a quality education through competition for both teachers and schools. Suzette also believes that local control over public education is essential because principals, teachers, and parents understand the needs of a student best, not federal bureaucrats in Washington D.C. And Suzette wants greater diversity in our higher education systems – including greater access to vocational training, apprenticeships, and the expansion of community colleges. In Congress, Suzette will focus on expanding access to educational opportunities, and bringing back local control to our school system.

Advocating for Our Veterans

Both of Suzette’s grandfathers served in the Korean War. Suzette has seen first-hand that veterans sacrifice their lives and families for our liberty and freedom. These are debts that can never truly be paid. Therefore, it is our responsibility to support hiring practices that encourage veterans to work, while addressing the needs of their families. This includes adequate and safe equipment, quality, timely health care, quality mental health care, employment opportunities, job-training, transition resources, and retirement benefits. In Congress, Suzette will fight for Veterans because, they fought for us.