Learn Suzette's Stance on the Issues Facing California

Public Safety

Suzette is taking a strong stance against the pro-criminal policies that have caused crime to explode. She has authored a crime victims support package and is supported by law enforcement.

Cost of Living

The costs of property taxes, groceries, and everyday supplies are making living in California impractical. Suzette is working to keep everyone's property taxes low, stopping any new fees that increase your energy prices.


We must declare a homelessness emergency and move the homeless who refuse to move from unhealthy and dangerous public sidewalks into care facilities and housing capable of treating addiction and mental illness.


We need to empower parents with more options, and this includes supporting public charter schools. Suzette Valladares joint authored a new law signed by the Governor giving access to full-day transitional kindergarten (TK) to all four-year-olds in California. Suzette supports protecting parental rights.

Energy Independence

Our energy policy shouldn't punish Californians with higher gas prices and steeper home energy bills. California can continue to meet our climate goals and be a world leader by turning to our home grown energy sources like wind, solar, and American and California oil.


Suzette is an advocate for your healthcare and continues to fight to protect your choice and ability to access specialists and doctors. She has worked to stop an extreme government take-over of your healthcare.