Make Sex Trafficking of Young Girls a Serious Felony! Pass SB 14

Statement from former Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares: I’m fired up! As a woman, mom to a precious 6-year-old, and tia to twelve nieces, the threat of sex trafficking of teens, young girls, and women is real. I am beyond concerned about the dangers and predators they face. It’s a constant worry that keeps me up at night.

Some far-left ELECTED representatives in the California Assembly Public Safety Committee let our young girls and victims down by voting against Senate Bill 14, a proposed law to strengthen penalties and protect kids from sex traffickers. Watching these members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee deviate from the shared values we hold dear as Californians is disheartening.

I’m grateful Governor Newsom recognized how out of touch those elected members from his party are and called Republican bill author Senator Shannon Grove to express concern and hopefully give this bill another chance.

My anger is rooted in the priority of protecting our children. We must pass laws like SB 14 to strengthen sex trafficking penalties. It’s time we demand better from those who claim to represent us. My Democratic opponent in this race for State Senate recently wrote that arresting and imprisoning these serious criminals “isn’t the answer.”

I disagree entirely. Just like the extreme left in his party, he is out of touch with what Californians want. Arresting and imprisoning sex traffickers is the answer, and it needs to start by standing up for our California values by protecting our children. Pass and sign Senate Bill 14!