Statement from Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares on CA\’s continued school closures

Santa Clarita – Educating our kids is one of the most important jobs of government, and we were falling short prior to the pandemic. Now our children are even further behind because of thoughtless school closures. These closures disproportionately impact black and Latino students, as well as low income students whose parents cannot work remotely.

Governor Newsom\’s in-school instruction plan only covers students in kindergarten through second grade. The social and emotional development during the foundational years of preschool to second grade cannot be replicated through distance learning. Returning young students to school is vital and long overdue. Most states had plans in place months ago.

Europe has kept in-person learning open for the majority of the pandemic, which now provides evidence that schools are not major spreading centers.

Governor Newsom owes it to the children and parents of California to deliver a plan to allow all of our K-12 students to safely return to in-person instruction. We cannot continue to fail our kids.