The Signal: Suzette Martinez Valladares | Seeking Hope Amid State’s Crisis

I’m an optimist, a “hope springs eternal” type of person. But California’s brand is crisis and it simply doesn’t have to be like this. The ideas and solutions are right in front of us, but it will take courage to get things done.

The ugly truth is that our governor and legislative majority have been out of touch for the past decade. Their agenda continues to hurt the communities they claim to help. Californians who, on the brink of broke, thinking of leaving our state or giving hope up altogether, need us to find our new north and set our compass. 

We are all feeling the “pain at the pump.” California has the highest gas prices in part because we have the highest gas tax in the nation. We need to immediately suspend the gas tax. It just makes sense, especially while our state budget is overflowing and California’s families often are being forced to choose between putting gas in their car or food on the table. 

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