Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares issues statement on Governor’s proposed budget

SANTA CLARITA – “The Governor’s budget fails to address one of the most critical issues facing so many Californians—the unacceptable fraud and delays at the Employment Development Department (EDD). The Governor’s shutdowns have put millions of hard-working Californians out of work, and these workers can’t get the benefits they earned and need to feed their families and pay their bills. This needs to be addressed immediately.

“While the Governor dedicated funds to reopen TK to 2 in-person learning, there is an absence of a concrete plan that empowers parents to choose when all children can return to the classroom, particularly for secondary learners. The budget fails to address the urgency of learning-loss that continues to disproportionately impact black and Latino students.

“This economic shutdown has wreaked havoc on small businesses including nail salons, restaurants, and numerous local storefront businesses; and many small business owners and workers are on the brink of losing their life’s work and dream. The Governor fails to offer meaningful help like tax relief and regulatory reforms that will allow small businesses to open, hire, survive and thrive. This is why I co-authored the Keep California Working Act that uses $2.6 Billion of this year’s surplus to help small businesses stay afloat and get our families back to work during the pandemic.

“When it comes to wildfires, I welcome hiring more fire crews and buying more helicopters to help battle the blazes that are a constant threat, but there is a failure to address the Public Safety Power Shutoffs that disrupt and endanger so many lives and leave Californians powerless in the dark. Among other things, there must be more Office of Emergency Services (OES) grants made available for cities and counties to procure the generators they need to continue to provide vital services during these shutoffs. Wildfire mitigation must also include meaningful resources for brush clearance, home hardening and forest management.

“The people of California want Government to work for them, but the Governor’s priorities in this budget leave behind our most vulnerable populations. As a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, I will work to make sure families and workers in California have what they need to put groceries on the table, a roof over their heads, and gas in the tank.”