The Signal: Suzette Martinez Valladares | We Need to Hold Criminals Accountable

Californians can’t go a day without hearing about tragic crime in their community. From the Drug Enforcement Agency seizing a record one million fentanyl pills in Inglewood, to the L.A. Police Department warning communities about street robberies and follow-home attacks throughout L.A., rising crime is completely out of control. And these past few weeks we have all seen the horrific headlines that read, “Victims identified in 6th mass shooting in 13 days to rock California.” The most basic responsibility of government is to protect its people. 

Parents like me fear the proliferation of deadly fentanyl pills that look like a Sweet Tarts. Around 10,000 Californians died of a drug overdose over just one year during the pandemic, a 29% increase from the year prior.  Fentanyl is a big culprit, and we need to increase the penalty for the sale, possession for sale, and transportation of fentanyl. 

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