Representing and Delivering for the People of My Community

We all are working to safely to rebound from the pandemic – keep kids in the classroom and small businesses operating once again. Providing people access to the vaccine was step one, and I have worked hard to make sure that everyone in our community who wants the vaccine has access to the COVID 19 vaccine. The response has been overwhelming with an overwhelming number of those eligible for the vaccine receiving one and our partnership with local hospitals, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals united to end this pandemic.


We have also worked hard to provide local homeowners and fire agencies the resources they need to prevent, as well as combat wildfires. Wildfires are a reality for our hillside communities, and prevention before they begin is one of the best ways we can protect our homes, businesses, and environment.

There is no question how devastating the loss of power is to our families. We must have reliable energy to keep the lights on, businesses open, kids in the classroom, and for those elderly and reliant on power for daily medical treatment.

I introduced the Community Power Resiliency Program, an important measure will formally establish a program to allow the California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) to offset and prevent local Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events or other emergency power outages.

These aren\’t just Republican or Democrat issues or solutions – they impact everyone and my job is to deliver for everyone, and make the community where I have lived most of my life, a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

Lastly, an issue very close to my heart and important for so many women is supporting victims of sexual assault, human-trafficking, and domestic violence. We all have known women impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault and I want to make sure that we give women or anyone impacted by abuse the necessary resources to find and receive help. While there are several state programs that exist to provide support to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and elder abuse, these programs offer application forms in only English and Spanish. Victims who do not speak one of these languages are severely hampered in their attempts to meaningfully access life-saving services and assistance.

There is much yet to do, but as your representative I am committed to working with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the State Legislature to solve problems and deliver for you. I will continue to be your voice in Sacramento and deliver each and every day.